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Barbara Carnes, Ph.D.

Hi, I’m Barbara Carnes, President of Carnes and Associates. For over twenty-five years I have designed, developed, and conducted workplace learning and worked with trainers and HR professionals.  I know first-hand the challenges and the rewards involved with helping people learn job-related skills, and the frustration that comes when the training is good – but it doesn’t stick.  That’s why my late colleague Dora Johnson and I pioneered training transfer when we wrote the now-classic book Making Training Stick®, and the companion Making Training Stick®: A Training Transfer Field Guide (Second Edition Now Available!), to provide Techniques to Integrate Education (TIEs) to link learning back to the job. 

More recently, I have written the book, Making Learning Stick, and the newest edition to the series, Making E-Learning Stick, each with the latest research and information on training transfer, and each with lots of new techniques for trainers, instructional designers, managers of learning and development, and HR professionals - to help make training stick better.

The purpose of this website is to provide support for those of you who are interested in increasing the transfer of training in your organizations.  Sign up for Sticky Notes, my free monthly e-newsletter providing tips and ideas to increase the training of your training.  Take a look at the free icebreakers, closers, and other materials for trainers.  Purchase my books right here on this site, singly or in a convenient 3-book set.  Also, new in the store – Boss Bookmarks – to let trainees’ managers know how they can support the learning.

Consider becoming certified in Making E-Learning Stick.  Our 5-session live online certification provides practical tools and useful information for instructional designers, live virtual (“webinar”) facilitators, training managers, and anyone else who is involved with offering e-learning and live virtual training.  

Check back often – we add new resources.  Please look around and let us hear from you with ideas, suggestions, and requests. 


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