Accountability in Training

I recently took a training program online.  (The topic doesn’t matter, but if you’re curious, it was about brain dominance.)  Unexpectedly, I received a series of automatically-generated emails afterwards which were spaced several days apart for about six weeks.  The emails contained additional information and suggestions for how to apply what I had learned.  That is, the emails I actually opened and read.

  1. Did I open and read all of them?  No!

  2. Did I try out and use the suggestions for how to apply the information?  No!

  3. Did I think about what I had learned in the program, after it was over?  No!

Why not?  Because I didn’t have any accountability to make this training stick.

Here are some tips for creating accountability:

  1. Ask the boss of each trainee to meet with them after the training to discuss how to use the skills/information learned.

  2. Organize support groups or online forums of training participants so they can assist each other with using what they have learned.

  3. Ask each trainee to commit to using one new thing learned in training, the very first day they return to their job

If you would like more tips on how to buildaccountability into your training, as well as the psychological principles involved, go to my website anddownload this free report: Building AccountabilityInto Training.

Until next time…

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