Making Training Stick in 2019:  Tips for Facilitators to Start the New Year

For the past decade Dr. Barbara Carnes and the Make Training Stick® Team have provided workplace learning professionals practical tips and tools to promote training transfer (referred to as Techniques to Integrate Education – TIEs).

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You’ve probably kicked off the new year with training calendar offerings, program roll-outs, designing, and revising.  As you refine goals for 2019, keep in mind the importance of Y-O-U (the facilitator/trainer) being dynamic in

  1. Being Self-Aware (understanding and accepting ourselves but also setting and achieving goals to actualize our potential);

  2. Creating partnerships within your organization (interpersonal and communication skills);

  3. Adopting a Growth Mindset (learning new trends and the willingness to try new things).

Learning is a process and we (facilitators) need to make sure that learners “get it” by transferring the knowledge to the workplace.  The Training Transfer Process Model (Carnes, 2010), first introduced in Making Learning Stick includes categories involving (1) Learner Characteristics; (2) the Organizational Environment and Support (Before and After learning); (3) Training Design; and (4) Job Performance and Skill Maintenance (i.e., Training Transfer)

The Transfer of Technology-Supported Training Model represents a combination of factors supported by research on face-to-face training that can be applied to e-learning, and factors supported by research on the transfer of e-learning.  The Transfer of Technology-Supported Training Model contains categories in (1) Learning Content and Activities; (2) Work Environment; and (3) Trainee Characteristics.

May I suggest you add the following to your 2019 goals…

  1. Start a video or webinar series for managers and supervisors.  Use the time to share key learning points and training content with them.  Discuss 1-2 specific things they can do (to help practice what they learn.  Listen to their key challenges and goals.

  2. Include elements from the Training Transfer Process Model and Transfer of Technology-Supported Training Model.

  3. Choose one (or more) training or coaching programs and do a simple, 3 question level 3 evaluation. 

  4. Plan to read at least one new book and attend at least one workshop, presentation, or conference this year to help you “sharpen your saw”.  If you haven’t already, read Making Learning Stick, it is full of easy-to-use techniques to increase the transfer of your training.

  5. To stay abreast of trends in the Learning and Development field, listen to podcasts or join a social media group for facilitators. Trends to look out for in 2019 are Microlearning, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Training Transfer Technologies, and Learning Analytics.

Take action for better transfer of your training this year!

“We cannot become what we want to be by remaining what we are.” — Max DePree

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