Santa Makes His E-Learning Stick

Once upon a time at the North Pole, Santa was having challenges managing the elves.  His authoritative leadership style wasn’t working as well as it had in the past.  He knew he needed to learn new management skills but he couldn’t just get in his sleigh and go to a leadership workshop.  His magic sleigh only operates on Christmas Eve, and besides he couldn’t leave his workshop to go to a training program.

Santa did some browser searches and signed up for e-learning courses on Situational Elf Leadership and Managing Special Workers.  Mrs. Claus got interested in e-learning too, and she found e-learning courses on Healthy Cookie Baking (she and Santa are trying to eat healthy and get their weight down) and Using Electronic Kitchen Appliances at the North Magnetic Pole.

Santa and Mrs. Claus signed into their e-learning courses regularly.  Santa learned about new techniques and strategies for managing the elves.  Mrs. Claus got recipes and learned how to bake cookies with less fat and sugar, and how to use her food processor in the single magnetic field at the North Pole.   They both passed the end-of-module quizzes, and received certificates when they completed courses.

But the elves still complained that Santa was micromanaging them and not allowing them to participate in toy-making decisions.  And Mrs. Claus still found herself over-dipping into the sugar and chopping nuts and raisins by hand instead of using her food processor.

Their e-learning didn’t stick!   What to do?  They searched the internet for help and found a copy of the book Making E-Learning Stick.  They learned some Techniques to Integrate Education (TIEs) for reinforcing their own learning.  They also found some techniques Rudolph could use to design e-learning for the elves.  In just a short time Santa and Mrs. Claus began using what they had learned.  The elves were happier and more productive, and Santa and Mrs. Claus enjoyed better, healthier cooking.

And they learned happily ever after!

My best wishes for a wonderful Holiday Season and a happy and prosperous New Year!

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Until next time…..

P.S. Just Announced: Making E-Learning Stick Certification Course Dates for Spring 2013

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